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Real-time transaction alerts on the addresses you care about

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A Multi-Cryptocurrency Transaction Alerting Service didn't exist. We built it.

CryptoTxAlert monitors multiple blockchains and sends you a real-time alert whenever it detects a transaction for an address you want to track.

Stop wondering if and when the cryptocurrency transactions you initiated are processed by the network, especially during periods of congestion. Don't be blindsided by unauthorized transactions that you only find out about days or weeks later. Curious whether well-known addresses like Bitcoin's genesis address is transacting? Track it!

Simply provide CryptoTxAlert the cryptocurrency addresses you want to track and receive an alert notification via email, SMS, and/or Slack whenever a transaction is detected!

Easy-to-use Interface

Configure your alerts with ease.

  • Give your addresses aliases to make it easier to track and manage
  • Choose whether you want to track unconfirmed or confirmed transactions (specify how many confirmations before you receive the alert)
  • Set additional filters so alerts apply to incoming or outgoing transactions only, or when the amount transacted is above a specific threshold

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin transaction alerts supported


Ethereum & ERC-20 Tokens transaction alerts supported

Ethereum & ERC-20 Tokens

Bitcoin Cash transaction alerts supported

Bitcoin Cash

Litecoin transaction alerts supported



(suitable for most retail-user needs)

$19 USD every 6 months

14 days free trial - no credit card required!
Track up to 100 addresses
Unlimited email notifications
Up to 50 SMS text messages for every 1 month of subscription (more details)
Unlimited Slack notifications
Hierarchical Deterministic address support (1 per account)
Configure alerts on unconfirmed and/or confirmed transactions
5% discount if paid with cryptocurrencies

Additional Pro features available, including tracking a larger number of addresses, API access, and webhook notifications.

Contact us for more details and custom pricing.

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